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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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stigma. if you look at a lot of the tourist uses, and i can cite many examples, it is the tourist hotels that bring the one-night people who do drugs. you don't hear people complaining about them. but residential use. this stability. the testimony that you have heard from some of the tenants of low-income tenants and subsidized programs. these are higher quality units. these will be working people in this hotel. i have done business with sam
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from 1999-2009. we know blogger have any properties with sam, but i know them very well. -- we no longer have any properties with sam, but i know him very well. he is a great asset to the committee. he invests money in the neighborhood. if i was a neighbor of sam, it would be great. i like property owners who take money and don't give back anything, he is always investing his time. anytime there is a project he says count me in. that is the kind of guy he is. he took the boy hotel, which was a wreck, sued by the city, he took over, left a beautiful project at 41 jones street. this is not an operator that you have to worry about and this is not the core of the poor dealing with drugs. it is this myth that is
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associated. the fact i hear condition on this, six months, report back, i have not heard that from an apartment building. why do we have that condition with this hotel? i don't get it. the mushy do it with the condominium south of market, i don't think you do. -- unless you do what with the condominiums south of market, which i don't think you do. working people will want to live there so that could walk to their downtown jobs. approve this. that is a great product and something should be proud of. thank you. president miguel: thank you. henry, russ? >> good evening, commissioners. i sit on the staff of a committee. i have worked on a majority of residential hotels in the city. not one hotel has with this hotel is going to provide. very few of them are open
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space, community kitchens. a bicycle parking? unheard of. this will provide all of those. it will be all brand new. iyou name it. i think will be a great asset to the city and i urge you to approve it. thank you. president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm a first generation hotel operator and operator of residential and tourist hotels and apartments in at san francisco. a lot of people have spoken about this in a positive direction. i think they're coming back to you guys, working together to put more bathrooms, which is a big issue in s.r.o.'s. sometimes it is hard to realize that the quality of life issues are important. buy them demonstrating -- it may
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not sound like two rooms are a big deal, that is all dollars and cents that are privately owned in a private industry it providing affordable housing to san franciscans. it is a great scale. you have properties that have programs. this property will be a mid grade property with what henry mentioned, very high and finishing. you have to have the spectrum. one of my attendance at a hotel that i built an additional story, we debated the same issues. these gentlemen are going far beyond what was required of me because i build a whole floor of new s.r.o.'s. when it gets involved in that, earthquake security about a building, how would gets sheered. they are investing in a long-
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term product that will last over 100 years. these hotels have been here close to 100 years, and they're getting to the point where you need this type of upgrade in renovations. you are seeing it with a sprinkler ordinance, with the new seismic on the socks story that may be coming. -- on the soft story that may be coming. it sometimes people don't understand that this is a small big city. one block changes the demographics of everything. to say that this hotel will be a detriment or problem? i think not. i think this will bring equality tenet, and that is what these gentlemen are looking to run, equality, clean, and safe operation that is an apartment building with a hotel name. lastly, don't forget, foley's will be generating transit taxes
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for the city. that goes right back into our coffers as soon as the project is done. i think overall, this is a well- planned project and i think everything has been hashed out now and it is time for, hopefully, your approval today. thank you. president miguel: thank you. russ? >> commissioners, perhaps i am speaking out of order. i am speaking about 235 o'farrell street. i know the project sponsors for that segment of this project are here and perhaps they should speak first. president miguel: we call it as one item. speak on that.
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>> i am delighted to have the opportunity to speak to you. i will direct your attention up to union square. this is a unique opportunity for the commission in that there are three similarities in these buildings. you have the opportunity to approve this project today. both of them are really very attractive old san francisco buildings. by approving this project, both of these buildings will be renovated totally and brought into use. the second opportunity that is presented to you is affordability, both on the residential side it and also for union square, for tourists coming into san francisco looking for a budget hotel. that is something this will provide them. the third thing you have an opportunity to provide today is 60 jobs.
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that is a terrific opportunity, 60 jobs, split between fifth street and o'farrell street. i think those three elements, you need to both buildings, are why the project should be approved today. thank you. president miguel: thank you. gary and foster. >> good afternoon. i am gary, the architect for 235 o'farrell products. i'm speaking out of turn, i imagine. president miguel: not at all. >> i am going to talk about the holiday inn express because it is going to be the second urban
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holiday inn express product in the nation. they have won in chicago and they're very interested in doing another one or more in san francisco. it is an ideal location. we are having a very economic hotel with their standards. the have much larger rooms, much larger amenities and parking. none of those will be provided. we will have a small amenity package, but in general, every room is well appointed and is something that all travelers on a budget want to have, but to this not have with the big commodity practice -- the big amenity package. the rooms are smaller, they're very nice. each room obviously has to have its own private bath and a certain amount of amenity size, but in general, the size of these units are maybe 50 o


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